The landing page can be translated as the landing page, i.e. the place where the customer goes after clicking on the link. The main feature of such a website is the presentation of the company’s offer (e.g. one product), and the main goal is to encourage action (e.g. purchase of a product) One landing page should have one goal.

What else is worth knowing and how to make a landing page that will be effective?

Landing page – what is it and how does it work?

A landing page is a landing page created as part of an internet marketing strategy. It is not the main page, because it does not present the entire offer of the company and does not describe its activities. A landing page focuses on one goal, which may be, for example:

  • product order,
  • filling out the form,
  • user registration,
  • providing an e-mail address (e.g. subscription),
  • sending a request for an offer.

On the one hand, creating a landing page is more difficult than creating a home page. It must contain only the most important information presented in a transparent way that encourages action. On the other hand, it is easier for the goal you want to achieve. Do you want users to subscribe to the newsletter? On the home page, such information may go unnoticed among other important messages. On a landing page dedicated only to this purpose – users will immediately know that they can (and should) subscribe to the newsletter.

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Effective landing page – the most important elements

When designing a non-landing page, it is worth starting with including the Call to Action button in a visible place. It is he who plays a key role in the effectiveness of the landing page. The Call to Action button must be a clear call to action – simple phrases such as “Buy it” or “Subscribe to the mailing list” work best.

Another important element is an attractive headline that attracts the attention of users. You also need to think over every word and sentence, every graphic, and every video, but also the types of fonts, colors used or content layout – all this must be consciously adapted to the recipient. The best adviser in this matter will be a marketing agency for which the design of an advertising campaign is everyday life.

Creating landing pages should also anticipate the desired user actions and make their implementation as easy as possible. In practice, this means that if your landing page is to encourage people to fill out a non-anonymous form, then this form should be concise, counteracting discouragement about the recipient.

How to make a landing page?

You don’t know yet whether you will choose the marketing services of specialists or can you create a landing page yourself? If you want to act independently, in addition to the above-mentioned elements, pay attention to:

  • adapting the page to mobile devices is no longer surprising, the probability that the majority of recipients will enter your landing page from a smartphone or iPhone,
  • attractive website design – the website is the same as with a stationary store: the customer achieves his goals where it is neat, nice, and spacious,
  • optimization for search engines – before the recipient lands on your website, he must find your ad.

There are many landing page builders on the Internet that will guide you through the website creation process.

How much does a landing page cost?

If you want to entrust the design of your landing page to specialists, you are certainly interested in the price. It is determined individually because it depends on the scope of work and can be part of a wider marketing strategy. The prices are the higher, the more demanding the project is – e.g. the use of complex templates, unique video marketing posted on the landing page, integration with external applications, or adding several language versions.

Landing page – summary

The landing page allows you to gain new customers or the necessary data (e.g. when subscribing to the newsletter). It is the so-called “landing page” of the user, the purpose of which should be clearly defined, and the conditions for its implementation – transparent. The best landing pages take into account all the details related to user experience. Among them are clear content, template colors, composition of text and graphics, but also adaptation to mobile devices.

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