You don’t know what is branding marketing? Think about the things you own and think about which of them you own only (and even) because you wanted to identify with their brand values. Maybe behind your electronic equipment, there is hope for a better lifestyle.

Or maybe a new sports sweatshirt motivates you to move more because when your favorite YouTuber is wearing it, she is always compact and ready to run. In the most simplified terms, it is brand marketing – the force that binds the recipient to the product or service and the brand behind them.

Branding Marketing- what is it and what is it about?

Brand marketing can be defined as all activities promoting a product or service, ultimately affecting the image of the brand and its relationship with the audience. Branding is aimed at creating a recognization language of communication, expanding the audience, and increasing brand recognition by digital marketing services company.

It is a long-term and long-term action – what is planned today takes into account and already sets a vision for the future. Very often it is based on evoking specific emotions and attachments in the recipients, which guarantee the choice of product or service X among many other offers.

Therefore, the brand marketing strategy must answer the following questions from the very beginning:

  • what is the brand
  • what are its Once upon a time, digitization was possible without internet marketing. An example is the pioneer of this direction, SoftAd Group (now ChannelNet). In the mid-1980s, they developed an unusual advertising campaign for several car manufacturers.
  • distinguishing features
  • what is the mission
  • the values ​​it brings
  • how she wants to be perceived by others,
  • what associations it should evoke,1
  • how he communicates
  • who are the people from the target group?


What are the benefits of brand marketing?

Strategic brand marketing brings many benefits, and one of them is strengthening the position of the brand on the market – among the competition and in the eyes of the customer.

Very often, customers are willing and ready to pay more for a product or brand that they perceive as professional, trustworthy, promoting important value, or raising the status of life.

Branding types

Today, there are three basic types of branding.

1. Personal branding

Personal branding is building a personal brand, i.e. what is hidden under the name of a specific person. Personal branding includes everything that Person X makes available to the world about himself, both professionally and privately.

This can be, for example, the content of Facebook posts, but also the visual elements of the website – characteristic, consistent, and related to specific content. Personal branding makes it easier to achieve success, such as starting new cooperation, invitations to participate in conferences and campaigns, but also selling products that a given person promotes.

You need to approach building a personal brand in exactly the same way as building a company brand.

2. Product/service branding

Logos, communication slogans, appearance, shape, and even the smell of packaging – are examples of elements that make up product branding. In this case, strategic brand marketing is about distinguishing the product from the competition and gaining trust, which will translate into choosing this item – even at a higher price.

You don’t have to look far for products and services that have achieved success through thoughtful branding – just enter names such as Apple, Starbucks, and Adidas to awaken associations, experiences, and positive emotions in the recipient that translate into purchasing decisions.



3. Local branding – related to culture and territory

What holiday souvenirs do you bring back every year? There is a high probability that they include products related to local branding. “These are, for example, mugs, t-shirts, magnets, and all other gadgets with the inscription ” Paris” or the imprint of the Eiffel Tower, which is the symbol of the city.

In Poland, there is no shortage of gadgets “Gdańsk – the city of freedom” or “Zakopane – the closest to the Tatra Mountains”. Advertising slogans of cities and regions are part of local branding, and their purpose is primarily to invite people to visit and enjoy the tourism and culture of the place.

Brand marketing – what to avoid?

Tips on what to avoid in brand marketing can be easily found in reverse. If, for example, branding assumes consistent communication with customers, then one of the first rules will be to avoid situations in which this communication is disturbed. How to do it? As you plan your brand marketing strategy, you can anticipate difficult situations and crises to prepare your company’s responses and establish policies.

It happens that due to important social events, the company reacts spontaneously – it wants to express its objection or approval, so it publishes ill-considered posts on Facebook. The emphasis on solidarity with a social group decreases – recipients quickly pick up on inconsistency or excessive emotionality, which results in lowering trust in the brand or even disappointment.

Of course, communication with customers is just one area of ​​marketing. Consistency and consistency should also be a feature of any other field of activity. Brand marketing cannot be implemented blindly, because successes are usually not the result of chance, but of strategy. Strategic brand marketing should be entrusted to specialists.

They are employed by a professional marketing agency whose marketing services are often extensive. In addition to planning activities tailored to your specific brand, agency specialists can also take care of their implementation. This is the safest way to stand out on the market !

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What is brand marketing? Summary

If you are wondering what brand marketing means, take a look at the things you own and your purchasing decisions. Many of them are followed by emotions, trust in the brand, its recognition, and promises for the future.

Strategic brand marketing is precisely the activities aimed at developing the brand and strengthening its position among other competitive offers. Branding can be personal (personal brand) or relate to a product, service, location, or culture. However, it must always be thought out in terms of mission, values, vision, communication, and other aspects.


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