The answer to the question of what is an advertising agency. theoretically can be gleaned from its name. If a real estate agency helps you find a home, and an employment agency helps you find employment, is an advertising agency a place that will help you find attractive and effective advertisements? Yes (if we want to simplify it and explain it in one sentence), but not only!

First of all , the advertising agency will create ads from scratch so that the client can achieve their business goals.

What Is an Advertising agency – where did it come from?

Advertising itself has accompanied man throughout history, but since the 19th century, we can talk about its organized and strategic nature, visible in the activities of agencies. The beginnings of professional advertising agencies date back to the 19th century and are located in Great Britain and the USA. One of the reasons for their creation was the industrial revolution, i.e. the start of mechanical production of things on a large scale. A lot of goods, competition, and the need to reach customers – that is, what we know perfectly well today, is not a novelty at all. However, the forms of advertising and marketing strategies prepared by specialists have changed.

Therefore, an advertising agency is a company that builds a strategy to distinguish its client’s offer from other offers from the same industry based on a lot of data. In order to prepare an advertisement, employees must first learn about the specifics of the offer and customer expectations, determine the time of implementation and monitoring of the advertisement, analyze the competition and select the channels of activity. This is especially important in a world where Internet marketing is the most effective. Nowadays, a marketing agency can design traditional advertisements (e.g. leaflets or catalogues), but also operate in the online space – e.g. create video advertisements, run Google Ads campaigns, acquire leads, write website content or actively develop social media accounts .

Advertising agency – what does it do apart from creating advertisements?

What an advertising agency does depends on its nature. Typically, one agency offers various white-label digital marketing services , from which you can choose the most advantageous for specific purposes. However, apart from creating the advertisement and its distribution, the advertising agency also focuses on:

  • monitoring the effects of advertising and making possible corrections,
  • maintaining consistency in communication and selected activities,
  • controlling the allocated budget,
  • reporting its activities to the client.

Advertising agency – types

Each advertising agency is different, but due to their diversity, several types of agencies can be distinguished:

  • “Full service” advertising agency – otherwise referred to as the 360 ​​agency, because it offers a comprehensive range of services. We provide both social media support and e.g. graphic design of leaflets and their printing.
  • Internet and interactive agency – its specialty is marketing services on the Internet. It can prove, for example, the creation of Google Ads advertising campaigns and SEO positioning.
  • Branding agency – focuses on brand promotion, e.g. by creating visual identification. The services of such an agency may include designing packaging and a logotype but also conducting market research needed before launching a product.
  • Event agency – organizes events, e.g. company events, integration trips, banquets, and conferences.

What are the benefits of working with an advertising agency?

What an advertising agency does is the result of extensive and constantly updated knowledge. Not without significance is also the experience gained, which positively affects the effectiveness of the activities carried out. Specialists from a marketing agency in their working time focus to the maximum on tasks that – it might seem – can also be carried out independently.

For example, let’s imagine a situation where the owner of a balcony railing company decides to take online marketing training to learn the basics of this industry and start a Facebook account. Its goal is to save costs and stand out from the competition. But will it bring the expected results?

You can safely assume that it will be difficult. Firstly, the basics of marketing and a randomly chosen marketing channel do not guarantee success. Secondly, in order to do it right, you need to spend time, which for the owner of a company producing railings should be a time of completely different tasks related to managing the company and its development.

Cooperation with an advertising agency gives you the following benefits:

  • professional approach to brand promotion,
  • tailor-made marketing strategy – nothing will happen until the agency knows the brand, competition, and customer expectations,
  • time – when the agency works for your brand, you do business,
  • support in topics you are not familiar with – you can discuss the situation of your brand at any time, ask a question and receive an answer,
  • clear results – in addition to tangible results in the form of, for example, increasing recognition or sales, specialists from the agency will provide you with reports of activities carried out.

What to look for when choosing an advertising agency?

Since there are so many advertising agencies, how to choose the best one? Below you will find some tips that are worth paying attention to.

  • Professional, but also casual contact – already during the first conversation, you can intuitively sense whether it is worth starting cooperation. If the conversation is not comfortable for you in some aspect – e.g. presenting the offer, understanding your expectations, or answering your questions factually, look for other agencies.
  • Knowledge and experience – check information about the agency’s history, read its portfolio, and opinions available on the Internet. If you have your vision and you share it during a conversation with a specialist, pay attention to his reaction. If he can correct you, explain, and suggest something else – that’s good. If he agrees with all your ideas, it’s suspicious. Unless you really know about advertising and you don’t really need agency support!
  • The openness and creativity of the agency – these are the features that you can also recognize during the initial consultation. If a specialist has a scheme of action and offers you universal solutions, it means that it is worth looking for other places. It is much better (and more effective) to cooperate with agencies that have an individual approach – they first listen, evaluate and analyze, and only then propose a course of action.
  • Determining the client’s budget – it should be fixed and established at the beginning of cooperation.

What an advertising agency does can help you

An advertising agency is not a new venture on the market, but nowadays it certainly has a modern character. He deals with tasks related to both traditional company promotion and digital or internet marketing. Thanks to cooperation with specialists, the owner of the company can focus on business without wasting time on training and independent activities in the field of marketing.

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