Terms And Condition

Give Me Rank (Digital Marketing Agency) offers various services for some of our brands and companies give them the opportunity to be the best in their niche. If you choose to browse our website or work with us, you (as a visitor or customer) agree to our Terms and Conditions set out below. If you have any doubts about our Terms and Conditions, we recommend that you contact us directly for clarification.

We post information to various social media sites and search engines on your behalf. As long as you subscribe to our service, you automatically allow us to do so. Social media platforms can include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Instagram, Yahoo, Yelp, Bing, Pinterest, MSN, YouTube, newspaper websites, and more.

All terms and conditions of this website also apply. We do not transfer or share any data or information with any other company until and unless we partner with a particular company for advertising or marketing services in accordance with your consent and consent. We collect a lot of information or material that you provide including copies, photos, graphics, sizes, shapes, names, URLs, text, addresses, mobile numbers, contact numbers, logos, service marks, licenses, trade names, trademarks or videos, etc. . .

In addition, you warrant that the material provided by your team or company is 100% original, authentic and in no way misleading. They represent the information you provide to us. All press releases, interviews, advertisements, copywriting, site blogs, articles and product reviews will be sent to you for approval. We only publish content if approved by our customers.

We also expect our clients to provide the technical information needed by agencies when strategizing and implementing marketing plans according to expected delivery dates or deadlines. By subscribing to our Services, you agree to provide us with periodic information and feedback so that we can make the necessary changes.

Give Me Rank charges its customers for all payment transactions. We are not responsible for refunds if the customer does not agree with the design, copy, content, creative or advertising. We are not responsible for any default of the customer and this cannot be the reason for his default in payment.

All taxes on the printing, distribution, publication, or sale of services and products will be collected from the stated federal, state or local taxes. This tax must be paid by the customer. Agencies may terminate subscriptions or advertising services for the following reasons:

If the customer does not receive the payment due, he does not make the payment
When a client has outstanding payments or owes money to the agency. We stop our service when clients want to win first to pay their creditors. If the customer has any pending lawsuits like fraud or bankruptcy etc.

If the Customer wishes to cancel or refuse the Service, the Customer must cancel the Service 30 days before expiration (if the Customer has settled the payment or unpaid bill). All ad texts, animations, content, creative endeavors, animations, compositions, materials, videos, photos, etc. remains the intellectual property of Give Me Rank until and unless a third party owns the rights to the material from the agency with the written permission of the format obtained.

Client may not reuse, reproduce or modify any content created or developed by us until the agency gives its final approval.

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