Do you know why online store marketing is crucial? And what does it consist of? If not, then you definitely need to make up for it. Here you will find all the essential information.

Business without marketing is like a ship without water – it won’t go far. Even the most exciting idea and the best product will not sell itself, without advertising, building visibility, awareness, and trust. This applies to all areas of commerce, but online sales in particular.

So if you want to run an online store and make real profits from it, you need to know what e-commerce marketing is and how to go about it. That is why we have prepared an overview of the most critical information for you, thanks to which you will learn e-commerce marketing activities faster.

What is Ecommerce marketing anyway?

Well, there is no single correct definition of marketing. The online Management Encyclopedia reads: “Marketing is a market and customer-oriented way of operating and managing a company. These are all activities supporting the sale of products and services, performed with various methods and techniques of influencing the buyer. But it doesn’t sound very clear, does it?

In short, we can say that marketing is all the activities that let current and potential customers know about your company and offer. The goals of these campaigns may be different (e.g. image, awareness, efficiency), but in the end, they most often translate into sales and profits.

In e-commerce, it has the same general purpose. You run it to constantly attract more buyers to your online store and encourage them to make purchases, preferably multiple times. However, it uses slightly different methods and tools than “traditional” marketing – it focuses primarily on online activities.

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Why is e-commerce marketing so important?

For online stores, marketing is absolutely unmissable – unless someone does not care about sales or development at all. This seems obvious. And yet, many companies fail precisely because they underestimated the importance of marketing activities or conducted them “blindly”, without any plan. It’s an unpleasant truth.

Fortunately, you don’t have to share their fate. Since you are here, it means that you want to run your business consciously – this is the first step. To begin with, let’s tell ourselves why online store marketing is so important and what benefits it gives.


You reach new customers – this is the basic task of marketing: getting noticed, attracting attention, and making contact with a potential buyer.


You gain customers – transforming an “accidental” recipient into a buyer can be a long way and is only possible thanks to marketing efforts.


You stand out from the competition – online clout can determine your success, and price competition alone is definitely not enough – so you need marketing to stand out from the crowd of other sellers and their offers.


You build a strong brand and strengthen its image – how consumers perceive your brand, what they associate it with, and whether they trust it has the greatest impact on sales.


You establish and maintain relationships with recipients – good marketing allows you to change spontaneous buyers into regular, loyal customers who will also be happy to recommend your online store to others.


You are up to date with the market and adapt to changes – in order to survive and develop in business, you must keep your finger on the pulse, and react to the actions of competitors and the needs of the store’s customers. And you get to know them thanks to marketing.

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SEO, SEM, content – what is internet marketing?

Marketing itself is a very broad concept. It is divided into many fields and specializations, each of which has slightly different goals, methods, and specificities. Undoubtedly, the best results are achieved by skilfully combining activities from all these areas – but usually, only the biggest players can afford it.

However, in a small or medium e-commerce company, you can also conduct effective marketing activities. You simply focus on specific goals or use the support of specialists from outside your team, e.g. Shopper.


What types of Internet marketing are most often used in the e-commerce industry?

☞ performance marketing,

☞ website positioning (SEO),

☞ content marketing,

☞ email marketing,

☞ mobile marketing,

☞ brand marketing,

☞ affiliate marketing,

☞ influencer marketing,

☞ social media marketing.

A detailed discussion of all these areas is a topic for an entire study. But we will try to briefly introduce you to each of them.


performance marketing

Effectiveness activities (i.e. performance) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) definitely reign in the marketing of online stores. They are focused on specific measurable effects (hence their name) – for example, increasing the number of orders, newsletter subscriptions, website visits, or views.

The most important performance marketing channels are Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and price comparison websites. Effectiveness activities include, among others, product ads, display ads, or remarketing campaigns.

Well-managed, they are really effective – according to our research, they generate as much as 30% of all traffic in Shopper stores. However, they require specialist knowledge, constant optimization, and time, so it is best to outsource them to professionals.

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Page positioning

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? In short: on optimizing a website for search engines, especially Google. The task of positioning is to prepare the website in such a way that it is displayed as high as possible in the search results and in response to as many keywords as possible used by your potential customers.

Good positioning of an online store means that a user looking for a product that you offer will find it easier. Shopper online retailers confirm that almost ⅓ of traffic in their stores comes from the organic results of the Google search engine – which is used by over 97% of Polish Internet users. That is why SEO is the foundation of effective online sales.

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content marketing

Content marketing, or otherwise content marketing, is about creating, distributing, and promoting valuable content. Content marketing activities are aimed at building long-term relationships with the recipient and providing him with positive experiences related to the brand. In this way, we occupy a permanent place in their awareness and facilitate their subsequent purchasing decisions.

Content marketing covers many formats. The most popular of them are, of course, blog entries and expert or sponsored articles. They can also be e-books, guides, or reports. Video marketing is also gaining in importance – for example, webinars, Instagram reels, a short video on TikTok, etc. It is worth using their potential because everything indicates that video marketing (a separate field, and at the same time part of content marketing) may soon dominate most industries.

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Email marketing

This is another area that is related to content marketing. A valuable newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with your audience and build a lasting relationship with them. You can share valuable knowledge, the latest information from the industry, or interesting facts about your brand. In turn, mailings, especially those with current promotions or new products in the offer, are great for increasing sales.

Is it working? We often complain that our mailboxes are overloaded and we only open selected messages. But despite this, email marketing is still undeniably one of the most effective, if underestimated, channels to increase sales.

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mobile marketing

The task of mobile marketing is primarily to reach smartphone users. Companies that choose this method of communication focus mainly on messages in the form of text messages or push notifications with information about upcoming promotions.

SMS messages enjoy a high Open Rate, so it is worth including them in your marketing strategy. In the Shopper App Store, you will find many applications that will help you automate the sending of various notifications to your phone – both those about news or price deals, as well as transactional ones.

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brand marketing

Building recognition and reach – that’s what brand marketing is all about. Marketing activities in this area are to create in the minds of your potential customer a link between a specific product, service, and image and your brand.

The effects of brand marketing are long-term because building a strong, credible brand with an established position requires time and commitment. However, in this way, you can gain a significant advantage over the competition and really influence the development of your industry.

Many brand marketing elements need to be established at the beginning of your business. For example, it is about the visual identification of the brand (logo, fonts, colors, etc.) or the language of communication. The appearance of your store is also incredibly important. You use all this later to conduct consistent marketing activities.

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affiliate marketing

This type of marketing is based on the cooperation of advertisers and publishers. It is very often used in the promotion of online stores. What is it about? In a nutshell, showing your products, banners or other advertising materials in the publisher’s channel (e.g. on his website or blog) for a fee.

Often, the partner receives remuneration (commission) only when the client uses his recommendation, e.g. through a code. Such activities can be combined with influencer marketing, which we have already written about above.


influencer marketing

This is how we define all those marketing activities that are based on cooperation with influencers, i.e. people who have a large group of fans in social media. An influencer can become a brand ambassador, an intermediary between your store and potential customers among followers. It is worth remembering that the effectiveness of influencer marketing is determined primarily by the credibility of the character and the right choice.

Choose people who gather people from your target group as promoters. However, be careful not to focus only on the creator’s popularity. An influencer who collaborates with many different brands and often does so artificially will not help you build trust. Therefore, before you start operating in this area, research the area well – check who among your clients enjoys authority and how they care about their credibility.


social media marketing

This is another area that is worth using in the marketing of an online store. Social media has become a popular place to shop online. They account for 13% of all visits to Shopper stores.

Consumers use social media most often to compare offers, search for inspiration and obtain information and opinions. Therefore, an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and recently also on TikTok, is already a necessity in e-commerce.

Marketing in social media includes both organic activities – regular posting, uploading photos, videos, and live broadcasts – as well as paid promotion. Its purpose is, first of all, to increase brand awareness and strengthen its image, which later also results in better sales.


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And most importantly: how to create an e-commerce marketing strategy?

If you are counting on a quick and simple solution, unfortunately, you may be disappointed. There is no single recipe for a marketing strategy that works for everyone. Each company creates it individually, depending on the industry, its capabilities, and its goals. However, there are a few solid steps you need to follow to establish your e-commerce roadmap.


  1. Set your business goals

Start by identifying what you are striving for in your business and how your marketing strategy will help you achieve it. Use the SMART method to define goals that are specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic, and time-bound.


  1. Define your marketing goals

What do you want to achieve in the short and long term? Are you thinking about expanding sales outside Poland? Are you focused on increasing sales? Or do you want to become an expert and a leader in the industry? Think about what will be the determinant of success and how you will measure the results of your actions.


  1. Research your industry and competition

Market analysis is repeated in e-commerce at every step. See what is happening in your industry, and what are the current challenges and opportunities. Also, do not forget to check the activities of your competition, their strengths and weaknesses.


  1. Know your client

Determining the target group and understanding its needs is the absolute basis of business. With such knowledge, you can act more effectively and direct the right messages to the right people, which is of great importance in the case of internet marketing and the possibility of precise targeting it gives in e-commerce.


  1. Select channels and methods of action

Once you have worked out all the previous points, you can move on to more detailed plans. Determine the channels that are important for your brand, in which you want to appear, and set budgets and specific marketing activities. If you do not feel strong enough to plan a year in advance, start with a strategy for the coming months.


You already know what you want to achieve and how to promote yourself, you have your marketing strategy, but you need support in its implementation in your e-shop.

You can count on the help of our specialists in the field of advertising campaigns, positioning, and graphics. Write to us at

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